To swap your frequent flyer points for cash or buy FF point tickets you must be a member

Your FF points can only be converted into cash for the air travel portion of the airline ticket. The taxes and other charges have to be paid by the traveller.

Vice versa if you are buying a ticket through the Atlas Club  FF swap program you can only buy the air travel portion, you still will be required to pay the taxes and fees in addition.

How it works

Selling your points

If you have lots of points you don't think you will use or you want to convert some or all of your points into cash, the all you need to do is register in our FF swap program.

A list of tickets members want to  purchase by our members will be posted each week.

If you have enough FF points to pay for that sector or sectors you can bid on the fare. You will need to offer a discount to attract the buyer and make it worthwhile.

If you are the successful bidder we will notify you.

We will obtain the payment for the ticket which will be held in our trust account. Once you have purchased the ticket and sent the e-ticket to the reciprocal member we will place the payment less 5% on the travel portion into your nominated account.

Note: you will also need to pay the taxes and fees at the time of exchanging your FF points for the required sector or sectors. These will be added to and included in the payment made  by the travelling member into our account and reimbursed to you when the transaction is completed.

Buying FF tickets

You can save money on your air travel by buying air tickets from other members who will use their FF points to purchase the ticket and then sell it to you via our FF exchange program.

You need to list the sector or sectors you want to buy at our FF exchange page so that other members with spare FF points can bid on the ticket.

You will save money because they are likely to discount the ticket price to turn their lazy points into cash.


 There is no risk as airlines allow FF members to buy tickets on behalf of friends and relatives and everyone in the Atlas Club is a friend of other members.

The transaction is protected because it is carried out through us.

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