This policy is a legal contract between you and us.  Your rights and duties may not be transferred without our written consent.  Please read your policy carefully.

Throughout this policy the words “you” and “your” refer to the “named insured” shown on the Certificate.  The words “we”,  “us” and “our” refer to the company providing this coverage.  The name of the company is also shown on the Certificate.  The word “loss” means accidental damage, breakdown or theft. “Certificate” means a Phone Certificate issued to a person insured under the Phone Gard program describing the covered mobile phone and period of coverage.  The currency used throughout this policy is based on the Australian Dollar. “Mobile” means Mobile phone or Cell phone.

In return for the payment of premium and agreement to follow the policy conditions, we agree with you to provide the coverage as stated in the policy.  The premium is shown on the Certificate

1.  Who is covered under this policy

 You are covered for “loss” that results from a covered cause of loss to a mobile phone listed on a valid Phone Gard Certificate, but limited to one loss per mobile phone per year for each year this coverage is in effect

2.  What is covered under this policy
We will cover personal mobile phones named in a Phone Gard certificate of protection issued by you, including the battery, after they have been reported to us as covered

3.  What is not covered under this policy
a. Phone that is not listed on a Phone Gard certificate
b. Costs that are recoverable under any product warranty or extended warranty;
c. Any property not owned by the certificate holder

4.  Where coverage applies
We cover your property covered under this policy anywhere in Australia or New Zealand.

5.  Limit of coverage
In the event of a “loss” we will, at our option:
a. Repair or replace the covered Mobile with a functionally equivalent unit. This may include a reconditioned unit.
b.  Indemnify the user’s liability under the Mobile Phone Contract issued in respect of the covered phone. 
c.  The most we will pay for any one  “loss” is AUD$1100 or NZ$1200
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